Improve Your Happiness While Living At Apartments In Alamo Heights

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When was the last time you took a minute to evaluate your mental health? It’s not uncommon to get so invested with a work-life balance that we forget to take a minute to breathe and focus on what really makes us happy. We certainly hope that living at apartments in Alamo Heights is one of the things bringing joy to your life!


Below we focused on three areas of your life that can help improve your overall happiness. At the end of the day we just want you to be happy, and think these are some easy habits to get there.


All right residents, let’s get started! When you get done reading through the list of tips, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at Bungalow 09 — the North Central apartments Alamo Heights residents choose for luxury living.


Reconnect With Loved Ones


In the age of social media and texting it’s easy to feel like we have a grasp on the life of our friends and family. But when was the last time you took the time to have a real conversation with them over the phone? By getting in the habit of calling your loved ones you will rebuild those genuine relationships and hear about life’s ups and downs happening behind the screen.


If you have a commute from apartments in Alamo Heights to your job use the time in the car to reach out and call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. We’re sure they’ll appreciate the call!  


Make Time For Yourself


When life gets busy it becomes more and more important to make time for yourself. Marking time off on your calendar for personal time will ensure you have time dedicated to you. This will make a difference in your overall happiness. Below are a few small ideas to incorporate into your daily routine to help push a mental refresh.


  • Enjoy an unplugged cup of coffee or tea in the morning before work. No cell phone or computer allowed!  

  • Get moving during the work day. Take a break to walk around the office or venture outside for a breath of fresh air.

  • Pamper yourself with a face mask or by getting your nails done.


Start A Positivity Jar


A little positivity goes a long way. If you’re in a rut sometimes all you need are a few words of encouragement or a reminder of all the other great things happening in your life. If a journal is too much of a commitment, take the time to write down positive moments as they happen. After you write them down go ahead and stick them in a jar. These moments can be anything from a win at work or something that just made you smile that day.


When you’re having a crummy day, open the jar and take a look at some of these positives. Think of it as your own personal jar of fortune cookies!


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