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There’s something about this time of year that makes residents of our Alamo Heights apartments want to look for new work. Maybe it’s the fact that spring is right around the corner, and everything feels fresh and new in the spring. Or maybe it’s the fact that summer is coming and nobody wants to be stuck working long hours all summer long.


If you’re applying for jobs, you’re probably going to be going through the interview process soon. Whether you interview for dozens of jobs every year or is your first interview in quite some time, we think you’ll find some helpful interview tips in this week’s blog. The post below is filled with tips for asking questions, presenting yourself properly, and closing the deal at your next job interview.


Take a look at the list of tips, and be sure to share the link to this post with your friends and neighbors at your community of apartments in Alamo Heights.


See what the company has been up to recently


Of course you’re doing to do background research on the company, but be sure to also check their blog pages and social media accounts. If the company has any big announcements, acquisitions or new hires, they’ll post that info on the blogs, Facebook or Twitter pages. You’ll make a great impression on your interviewer if you can talk about the latest news happening with the company.


Above all else, be authentic


People hire people that they like and feel like they can trust.. If it comes down to two candidates who are equally qualified, by more authentic, genuine candidate it going to get the job every time. If you know you’re qualified for the position, you can just relax and be yourself during the job interview. That’s a weight off your shoulders, isn’t it?


Try to close the deal


A job interview is kind of like a sale, and the product that you’re selling is yourself. You’ll spend the whole interview talking about how great you are and how you’re a perfect fit for the job, but none of that will matter if you don’t at least attempt to close the deal at the end of the interview!

Don’t ask your interviewer straight up for the job, but try to subtly imply that you’re ready for the next steps, or that you want to know whether you got the job sooner rather than later. You can ask what the next steps are, or ask the interviewer to show you the space you’ll be working in if you get the job. Some people might tell you to be passive and let the interviewer decide for themselves whether they want to hire you, but if you ask us, it can’t hurt to assert yourself in this situation.

With that, we’ve reached the end of our interview blog! If you’re in the midst of a job search, we hope these tips help you end that search sooner rather than later! We’d like to thank you all for taking some time out of your busy schedules to read the latest edition of the Bungalow 09 Blog series, and we hope you come back to read more blogs in the future! We’ll be back in a couple weeks with another post, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back soon! While you wait for the next post to go live on the site, go ahead and follow Bungalow 09 on social media! That’s the fastest, easiest way to stay up to date with everything happening at Bungalow 09 — the North Central apartments San Antonio residents prefer.

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