Decorating Tips for your Alamo Heights Apartments

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For most people living in apartments in Alamo Heights, apartment decorating is more of a chore than anything else. Sure, it seems fun to think about all the different ways to you can decorate your new place, but when it comes down to it, that just means buying a bunch of furniture and pieces of art. That’s an expensive undertaking, and people often avoid the whole decorating thing altogether. If that sounds like you, we’re here to tell you not to give up just yet! It’s possible to decorate your place without sacrificing your hard earned money — you just have to know a few tricks.


We’ve got those tricks, and we’re going to share them with our residents in the blog post below. Take a look at the list of apartment decorating tips, and remember to share this post with your friends and neighbors at your community of Alamo Heights apartments.


Decor Idea #1 — Add more mirrors


If you’re trying to make your apartment seem more spacious, add mirrors. Mirrors do one of two things – spread light around your rooms, and create the illusion that your rooms are bigger than they are. You don’t have to hang the same old rectangular mirrors on every wall either! Try experimenting with shattered mirrors, or multiple small mirrors arranged in a pattern.


Decor Idea #2 — Find your statement piece


Rather than hanging multiple small pieces of art in your home, find one or two large pieces that can make a strong impression on your wall. The space behind your couch is perfect for one large piece, as is the space above your bed. Having multiple small pieces can make your apartment seem cluttered, while having one large space will have the opposite effect.


Decor Idea #3 — Don’t buy everything at once


This next tip is as much about your finances as it is about the look of your apartment. WHile it’s tempting to buy all the furniture for your apartment immediately upon moving in, that’s not the most financially responsible way to live. Instead, buy a couple nice things at IKEA, then fill out the rest of your apartment with stuff from Goodwill or another thrift store. Once you have more money to spend, you can replace those thrift store items with new items. Who knows, you might even fall in love with some of the thrift store items and decide to keep them around!


Decor Idea #4 — Brighten things up


The best advice we can give you for decorating your apartment is to keep things brightly colored. If you add too many dark pieces, your apartment will seem small and cramped. While it can be tempting to choose dark pieces because they go with everything, it’s important to take the time to find those bright pieces that will make your space come alive.


Those are all the apartment decorating tips we’ve got this week, residents! We hope you’re able to use some of these tips to turn your apartment into your dream home. If you do, be sure to share some photos of your place with us on social media! We’d love to see them.

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