Dining Tips from your Alamo Heights Apartments

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The area around your Alamo Heights apartments is filled with awesome restaurants, but going out to eat every week is a good way to empty your bank account as quickly as possible. Dining out certainly isn’t the cheapest way to eat, but it doesn’t have to be as expensive as some people make it out to be. The key is to learn about the tricks that restaurants use to get people to spend as much money as possible.

In this week’s blog, we’ll be discussing some ways you can save money next time you dine out. You can use these tips to save a dollar here and a dollar there, which will eventually add up over time. Most of these tips are actually just habits that you’ll have to develop if you want to save some dough.


Check out the list of tips below, and be sure to share this post with your friends and neighbors at your community of apartments in Alamo Heights.


Make use of the appetizer menu


The appetizer menu is better than the entree in menu in almost every way, but no one seems to realize it. We’re here to tell you why you should start ordering almost exclusively off the appetizer menu. First of all, the appetizer menu is almost always more affordable than the entree menu. It’s more affordable, but it also somehow usually comes with larger portions. The other thing about the appetizer menu is that it usually has tastier food than the entree menu.


Think about it — the appetizer menu has all the best food like quesadillas, nachos, wings, etc. Sure, the entree menu usually has burgers, but the appetizer menu might have sliders. The final reason we love the appetizer menu is because it allows everyone to try each other’s food. You’ll get a better feel for the overall flavor of the restaurant if you order off the appetizer menu.


Turn down the drinks


The waiter will ask you if you want to order drinks — that’s their job — but you have to learn to just say no. Drinks are one of the main ways restaurants get customers to add to their total bill. Water is free, however, and it should be your new go-to drink every time you go out to eat. You’ll be shocked how much you save by skipping the drink order.


Get your meals to go


We might lose some of you with this last one, but hear us out. Every meal you eat at a restaurant is priced 20% higher than it would be normally because of the tip. You wouldn’t go to a store where everything was 20% more expensive, so why do we eat at restaurants so often instead of getting the same food to go? The food will taste just as good at home, we promise. If it’s nice out, you can even turn the meal into a picnic, and who doesn’t love picnics?


Those are all the tips we’ve got, residents! Thanks for reading the latest blog from Bungalow 09. We hope you’re able to use these tips to save some cash next time you dine out! If you enjoyed this week’s post and want to read more like it, be sure to check this page again next month when our next blog goes live. We’ll be back soon, we promise!

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