Best Museums near your Alamo Heights Apartments

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What’s your favorite museum in San Antonio? For most residents of our Alamo Heights apartments, it’s probably the Alamo Museum and memorial. That’s certainly the most famous museum in San Antonio, but is it really the best? If you go by Yelp reviews, it’s actually not the best museum in San Antonio. We looked the the reviews, checked out the museums, and put together a list of museums that we think are worth a visit.


Next time the rain decides to ruin your outdoor plans, consider visiting one of these San Antonio museums. They’re all nearby, and they’re all super interesting! You could spend your afternoon at a restaurant or at the movies, but you’ll feel a lot better about yourself if you visit an educational, inspiring museum in San Antonio.


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San Antonio Museum of Art


This is the ideal art museum for history junkies. It’s filled with ancient pieces from the far east, classics from Europe and more. We highly recommend following the San Antonio Museum of Art on social media so you can be among the first to know about events. Their events don’t last long, but they’re cheap (free to members) and fun!


McNay Art Museum


It’s hard to even describe the McNay Art Museum as anything but a massive collection of art from all eras. You’ll see everything from modern art to French statues — and that’s just on the inside! The museum grounds are filled with sculptures


Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum


While the other museums on this list are fancy, gorgeous and filled with educational information, this museum is just a bunch of toilet seats in some guy’s garage. Just kidding — kind of.


Barney Smith has been collecting toilet seats for years. He paints them, puts license plates on them, sculpts them, and does all manner of other things to turn them into art. He then hangs them up in a garage and let's people explore the space. It is a museum, but it’s one of the most bizarre museums you’ll ever come across. If you look at the reviews on Yelp, however, you’ll see nothing but 5-star reviews. Go see it for yourself!


Briscoe Western Art Museum


This is the museum for anyone interested in the history of Texas and the American West. They also have some absolutely mind-blowing artifacts such as Santa Anna's sword from the struggle for Texas’ independence. There’s information on stagecoaches, Native Americans, cowboys, and more.


The museum is huge, but not so massive that you feel overwhelmed and like you can’t see everything. You’ll definitely spend at least a few hours here, so plan accordingly and get excited!


Thanks for reading the latest post from your community of apartments in Alamo Heights! We hope you’re able to have a blast at one of the museums on this list. We’re always happy to help our residents discover all the perks of living in San Antonio, and we think a day at the museum is one of the best ways to waste time in this city.

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