Easy Cooking Tips from your Alamo Heights Apartments

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For some residents of our apartments in Alamo Heights, cooking is a daunting task. You might question your own cooking skills, or be afraid or burning your food beyond recognition. Do I have the right cooking utensils? Did I buy the right ingredients? What if I burn the apartment complex to the ground? These are all questions that you might ask yourself instead of just diving right into cooking. We’re here to tell you that cooking is easier than it looks, and improving your cooking is an even simpler task.


The only differences between a novice chef and an expert chef are experience and knowledge. The only way to gain experience is to start cooking, but you can gain a little knowledge by reading the latest blog from Bungalow 09!


Check out the list of cooking tips below, and please be sure to share the link to this post with your friends and neighbors at Bungalow 09 — the North Central apartments San Antonio residents choose for upscale luxury living.  


For best results, just add lemon


Actually, you can add lemon or lime — both citrus fruits help bring out the other flavors in your dish.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, grab a lemon and a lime and throw them in your cart. Keep them near your stove, next to the garlic, salt and whatever other seasonings you usually put on your food. You probably already add salt and pepper to every dish, so just bring lemons or limes into the mix! The trick is to squirt the lemon juice on early, so the juices have time to soak into the food.


Here’s why this works: Lemons and limes have acid in them. Acid draws other flavors out when it’s added to dishes. You want to add enough lemon juice to cover the dish, but not so much that all your food starts tasting like lemons.


Season early and season often.


Your food will only be as good as the seasoning you put into it. That’s just the way it is, even if you do all your shopping at fresh, outdoor markets. Fortunately, it’s easy to figure out which combinations of seasoning make your food taste great. First, you have to go to the grocery store and invest in a wide variety of spices and seasonings. Next, you need to start experimenting with different combinations of spices until you find one that works for your go-to dish. Finally, you’ll need to learn when to season — and how much to put on.

The secret to seasoning is to do it early and often. Oftentimes, beginner chefs will wait until the last moment to put the salt and pepper on their dish. When you do this, you don’t leave enough time for the seasoning to sink into the food. Season your food before you put it in the pan, while it’s in the pan, and right before you take it out.

Those are the two tips we’ve got for y’all this week, residents! We hope the tips in this post will help you become the chef you’ve always wanted to be. As always, we appreciate those of you who took some time out of your busy holiday season to read the latest edition of the Bungalow 09 blog. If you enjoyed reading this week’s pose, please be sure to check this page again next week when our next blog goes live! While you wait for that, go ahead and follow Bungalow 09 on social media so you can stay up to date and informed about everything going on at your community of Alamo Heights apartments.

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