Spurs Mania with Bungalow 09 Apartments in Alamo Heights

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Here at Bungalow 09 apartments in Alamo Heights, we know that San Antonio is a wonderful city with many wonderful things to do and see. However, most people outside of Texas don’t know much about our city of 1.4 million people. San Antonio residents don’t mind. We’re happy with a lack of tourists because it means we can enjoy things like the River Walk without running into crowds every five feet.


The rest of the country may not know about The Pearl neighborhood or the Missions, but they do know about another San Antonio attraction: the Spurs. For almost 20 years, the Spurs have been winning more than anyone else in the NBA. They have five championships in that span, and the city loves them more and more every day. If you’ve never been to a Spurs game, try to go before the season ends. Although, Spurs seasons don’t usually end until late June. There’s nothing like a packed house of 18,000 black-and-silver clad Spurs fans screaming their heads off.


If you’re new to San Antonio, this probably sounds a little crazy. You might be  asking yourself, do people really love the Spurs this much? The answer, Bungalow 09 residents, is a resounding yes. The bond between city and team is special here, and we’re proud to be able to watch greatness in action night in and night out at the AT&T Center. So welcome to town, and welcome to Spurs Nation. We’re more than happy to help you get acclimated. Here are 4 reasons why you should start falling in love with the Spurs, courtesy of your Alamo Heights apartments.


1. They have won at least 50 games in 17 straight seasons.


That’s a winning percentage of at least .600 that they’ve maintained since the turn of the century. Since before there were drones, before there was Facebook, before there were iPods, the Spurs have been dominating the rest of the NBA.


2. The River Walk Parade(s)


Whenever the Spurs win a championship—which is fairly often—the team celebrates in a way that only a San Antonio team can. They float down the river on barges while crowds of overjoyed San Antonio residents stand on the riverwalk, cheering and waving Spurs flags. Every other NBA team has their parade on cars and trucks that drive down the middle of the street, but the Spurs do it San Antonio style.


3. AT&T Center’s Live Bands


The Spurs don’t want their fans to leave—ever! The AT&T Center always has a live band playing outside after games so that fans don’t have to leave the stadium just because the game has ended. Since the Spurs usually win, the atmosphere is generally upbeat and fun. Why would you ever want to leave that?


4. Their Loyalty


Before Tim Duncan retired, the Spurs kept their Big Three of Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Duncan together for 11 years. That’s beyond impressive In today’s sports world of free agency, free-wheeling GMs and a general sense that players should be able to play wherever they want to. The fact that the Big Three stayed together is a testament not just to the culture within the Spurs organization, but to the city of San Antonio as a whole. These three NBA superstars chose to stay in San Antonio, together, rather than pursue more money and fame somewhere else. As a result, they won 4 championships together.

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