5 New Eateries near your Apartments in Alamo Heights

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Everyone living in Alamo Heights housing has seen how much San Antonio has grown in recent years. Certain parts of town have really blossomed recently including downtown, southtown and the Pearl. With so much visible growth in those parts of town, it should comes as no surprise that San Antonio is expected to add more than a million people by the year 2040. That’s a whole lot of new neighbors!


Accommodating all those people will be a challenge, but we think our city is up to the task. We already get our fair share of tourists, and we’re used to those tourists clogging up the restaurants on the Riverwalk and downtown. San Antonio’s restaurant scene has responded to the city’s growth by opening more than 25 new restaurants and bars in 2016. Here are some of the highlights, courtesy of your helpful apartments in Alamo Heights.


The Well


You know you’re deep in the heart of Texas when you get a complimentary basket of cornbread before your meal. Not only does the Well serve traditional Texas Hill Country comfort food, they also have a Texas-sized dance hall attached to the restaurant. This place knows their clientele.


Yelp reviewers seem to love The Well’s brunch menu. With options like shrimp and grits, bacon biscuits and gravy, who wouldn’t? The Well has a massive outdoor space with trees, overhead Festoon lighting and a whole bunch of picnic tables available for any size group you might have.


Down on Grayson


There’s only one place in town where you can get a Chopped Con. That place is Down on Grayson, which also happens to be a fun name to use in conversation. Back to the Chopped Con. This meal is a chopped sirloin covered in melted cheddar cheese, guacamole and salsa. Unorthodox? Sure. Delicious? Of course.


Down on Grayson gets rave reviews for its inviting, casual yet somehow classy atmosphere. They have fire pits outside and sky-high ceilings inside. The whole vibe is brought together with a modern-industrial decor that works for lunch, brunch and dinner.


Jazz, TX,


We’re not sure if Jazz, TX opened because they heard about La La Land, but they sure picked the right time to open a beautiful new Jazz restaurant. Cover is very affordable (only $10 most nights) and the music is well worth the price of admission. You instantly feel cool when you step inside because the business is unmarked, giving it the feel of a speakeasy. Once you’re inside, you’ll enjoy a lovely, intimate club that serves great food and drinks at a reasonable price. Jazz TX is the new hidden gem in San Antonio.


Smoke: The Restaurant


Next time you need to impress a date but still want to enjoy some classic Texas BBQ, give Smoke a try. There aren’t too many places where you can order things like Dr. Pepper marinated pork ribs, potato salad and mac & cheese yet still feel classy. Smoke is, thankfully, one of those places. Every meal is served beautifully and the interior will make you feel more like you’re at a high end restaurant than a smokehouse.




It’s 2017, which means you can go to a gourmet hot dog restaurant. When you live in San Antonio, you can go to a gourmet hot dog restaurant inside a renovated church. Even better, that renovated church is actually on the National Register of Historic Places. Frank has some incredible hot dogs including one named the Notorious P.I.G. which comes absolutely soaked in Mac & Cheese. You’ll either love Frank or find it a bit overwhelming, but there’s only one way to find out.

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