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Our apartments in Alamo Heights are close enough to the airport that weekend travel always seems like an appealing option. However, too much travel can result in a depleted bank account and having to act like a hermit until your next paycheck.


No one likes to stay in because their wallet says they have to. Thankfully, San Antonio makes it easy to keep living your life long after you’ve spent your last dime. Here are 6 free things to do in San Antonio that will help you reach your savings goal, courtesy of Bungalow 09, the Alamo Heights apartments San Antonio residents choose for upscale comfort.


Spend a day at McNay’s Museum Grounds


Second Thursdays at the McNay are free nights of art, music, food and drinks on the museum grounds. Most people choose to hang out all evening on a picnic blanket or a couple camping chairs. The museum association handpicks local San Antonio musicians and visual artists then puts their work on display for all to see. The next Second Thursday will be happening on March 9th from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, so don’t miss out!


Cruise through the Dominion


Don’t let anyone ever tell you that San Antonio doesn’t have its fair share of wealthy residents. One drive through The Dominion will tell you all you need to know about how the upper crust of the upper class lives in San Antonio. Just check out these houses that were for sale in The Dominion a few years ago. One of them has a basketball court inside! Taking a cruise through The Dominion may be all the motivation you need to start putting in those long hours at work in hopes of a promotion and a raise.


Get a history lesson at the Missions


You’ve probably seen The Missions already if you’ve lived in San Antonio for any extended amount of time. However, there’s always another area to explore and more historical information to learn about these beautiful structures. Plus, they have now been declared a World Heritage site by the UN Organization for Education, Science and Culture. These buildings are over 400 years old and won’t last forever, so make sure you soak up all the San Antonio history you can while you’re there.


Be fascinated by the San Antonio Central Library


From the visually striking red building to the jaw-dropping glass sculpture inside, the San Antonio Central Library is without a doubt one of the most fascinating libraries in the country. We’re lucky to have it in our backyard, and we’re extra lucky to be able to experience the library for free on any given day. Even if you don’t pick up a single book while you’re there, you’ll have a blast exploring this architectural wonder.


Strike a deal at Traders Village


Billed as “America’s #1 Flea Market”, Trader Village is part state fair, part amusement park and part shopping extravaganza. There really aren’t too many other places in the country quite like Traders Village. They have a ton of events coming up too:


March 11th – Alamo City Comic Con

March 18th – St. Pet Tricks

April 8th – Ragin’ Cajun Festival


Visit their website at the link above to find out more!


See the #views at Friedrich Wilderness Park


We saved the best free activity for last. Friedrich Wilderness Park is beautiful in and of itself, but it also offers gorgeous views of downtown San Antonio. You probably don’t think of San Antonio as having a majestic skyline, but the angles from Friedrich Wilderness Park might change your mind.

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